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GT Performance

Why to choose GT Performance for chip tuning of your car?

GT Performance is providing Top European  quality.

The guarantee of our work quality is also rich experience of our team. We are using software & hardware provided by Top European tuning companies.

GT Performance is using Software written by biggest European Auto Tuner.

Our company, supplies only ISO9001 certificated products. Tuning Software base has huge database with results verified on Dyno stand. Our European partners have rich experience of tuning automobiles. The average index is 10 000 cars per month.

GT Performance invests in software and hardware

In order to achieve the best possible results with chip tuning of your car, we are constantly investing in our technical equipment.

GT Performance is continuously developing its know-how

Even the best technical background is not enough for achieving the best results of chip tuning. Our team of experts is constantly developing their knowledge in this sector. We are working on support for new car makers.

GT Performance is always one step before competition

We are constantly monitoring news from the chip tuning sector and we are reacting to them immediately. Therefore, you can be sure with us that chip tuning of your car will be done according to the newest trends.

Chip tuning

Chip tuning is software modification of a car’s control unit to achieve an increase in the engine’s power. It is re-programming of the electronic memory block with a serial programme. Chip tuning adjusts optimally injection characteristics, the air/fuel ratio, ignition and utilization of high-quality fuel. For turbo-charged engines, the filling pressure of the turbo blower is also increased by chip tuning. All modifications related to chip tuning consist exclusively in modifying the control unit’s software. No mechanical intervention in the engine is carried out. The results of chip tuning are not subjective, but they can be evaluated very well.

Chip tuning advantages

  • power increase by  8– 12% and torque increase by 10 – 14% for atmospheric spark ignition
  • power and torque increase by 20 – 22% for supercharged engines – lifting the pressure of the supercharger
  • torque increase with considerably better characteristic in low and medium speed range
  • retain or decrease fuel consumption by 10– 15%
  • retain the values of the engine and accessories life expectancy